Genesis Collection

Easy Demons Club: Genesis Collection

Collection of 6,666 NFTs-uniquely made characters inspired by anime-manga culture & streetwear lifestyles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each NFT acquired is a unique membership and grants access to members-only benefits such as brand products, collectibles, special discounts, exclusive streetwear collaborations, NFTs airdrops, and much more that will be revealed over time.

The initial sale of 6,666 generated NFTs (ERC-721) has sold out on April 23-24, 2022 during the Demons Auction (Public Sale) and the Demonlist (Private Sale) where the final fair price was 0.15 ETH. Read more in-deep details about our Demons Auction here.

If you are interested in joining the club and obtain member-only benefits, you can acquired a demon on OpenSea.

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NFT Collection

1. Traits

Easy Demons Club NFT had a total of 600 trait attributes ranging from clothing, weapons, hairstyles, to companion and special traits. Heavily inspired by global street lifestyle and Japanese pop culture, our artist Mau Lencinas created what we believe going to be one of the most stylish anime-inspired NFT collection. In total, the collection had 2 billion possible combinations and the team handpicked the best 6,666.

2. Rarity

The collection doesn't designated rarity level to any NFT other than our 18 Legendary characters but some traits are rarer than others and were assigned randomly. These rare traits include Shikigami companions, magic imbued katanas, and many others that you’d be able to tell in a quick glance.

3. Unique characters

There are 18 Legendaries in Easy Demons Club that consisted of  7 Sins Legendaries and 11 others with equally intriguing back-stories. These characters will play a big part in Easy Demons Club lore.


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