Yokais by Easy Demons Club®

The full moon has released her curse and awakened something buried deep within every demon...

The Yokais by Easy Demons Club is a collection of 2.261 NFTs (ERC-721) distributed equally in two types: Mangetsu (Light) & Dakumun (Dark) to the holders of the Genesis Collection.

The Easy Demons Club Yokais: Mangetsu & Dakumun NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is the result of the first NFT Airdrop of the brand executed on June 14, 2022 during the Strawberry full moon, with the purpose to reward the new brand web3.0 community.

Official collection is available on OpenSea.

Verified smart contract address:

Yokai Holders claim your reward here.


Official Links

Twitter | Instagram | Discord
Opensea: Genesis Collection
Opensea: Yokais Airdrop

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