YOKAIS Holders

Yokais by Easy Demons Club®
The Easy Demons Club Yokais: Mangetsu & Dakumun NFTs (non-fungible tokens) were created with the purpose to reward the new brand web3.0 community.

A snapshot of all Easy Demons Club token holders was taken during the Strawberry full moon on June 14, 2022, and 2.261 Yokais NFTs have been released at an equal random distribution to corresponding wallets. Now the time to fully unveiled what have been inside of each Yokai has finally come.

All Yokais Holders must need to complete a Typeform to redeem the clothing bundle in form of a voucher-code to use on the Official Easy Demons Club®Store.

Mangetsu & Dakumun Unleashed Reward Bundles
Yokais: Mangetsu
Holders reward bundle include:
1x Easy Demons Hood
1x Skull Trucker Cap
1x Art Print
Yokais: Dakumun
Holders reward bundle include:
1x Skull Coach Jacket
1x Skull Low Pro Cap
1x Art Print
Yokais: Dakumun + Mangetsu
Holders reward bundle include:
1x Skull Sukajan Jacket
1x Skull Trucker Cap
1x Art Print

Bundle Reward Process: Claim Period (Ended)
Claim period will be available from Dec 6 to Dec 13, 2022.
To claim your bundle:
1. Go to https://form.typeform.com/to/tSEKSxQo
2. On the Typeform page, start your token redemption.
3. Choose the tokens and the amount of tokens you want to redeem.
4. Double check your submission. All information must be final.
5. Must required to provided your wallet address and contact e-mail.

Note: Yokai Holders are free to claim/redeem as many clothing bundles as token hold in their wallets. Example: If you hold 2x Dakumun + 1x Mangetsu, you are allowed to claim 2x Dakumun clothing bundles + 1x Mangetsu clothing bundle. This formula apply to all possible combinations. Yokais Holders are free to create their own combination, the only limitation is that the amount of Yokais redeem must match with the amount of Yokais hold.

Bundle Reward Process: Verification Period

Verification period will be executed from Dec 13 to Dec 16, 2022.

During this period the Easy Demons Club®Store Team will verify all the information provided. You must not move any token from your wallet, this will invalidate your claiming process. Once competition is done they will contact you via e-mail with more information.

1. All information submitted by holders must be final.
2. Only 1 submission per holder will be valid: the last one*
3. The voucher-code will not include shipping cost.
4. The voucher-code will have 1 time use.
Easy Demons Club®Store Team will count the last submission you made/create as the valid & final one before the claim period ended on Dec 13, 2022.
Please do not create multiple submissions, instead just collect all the information in one. Holders must redeem all the tokens they want to in one simple entry.
E-mail: admin@easydemonsclub.io
Business hours: Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:00pm PST
*Please allow 48 business hours for a response.
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